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No one can ever be fully prepared to become a mother, but now imagine becoming a mother when you are a teen. There are many lifelong lessons that can be learnt through each experience.

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During the time I was attending the Centre, my daughter’s father was not allowed to be in my vicinity because he was 3 years older than me.

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I cried day and night thinking about the path my life would take if I decided to continue living. I told myself that my life was over, so I might as well commit suicide.


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I was only 14 years old. What would people think of me? During that time, I was in third form at Bridgeport High School and I was a motivated, focused, goal-oriented student.


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On January 15, 2013 I found out I was pregnant. It was 3 months away from my 14th birthday, and my first year of high school. I cried for that entire day while I sat and listened to my mother scream, curse and then burst into tears.

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Jamaican teens are waiting a little longer to get pregnant, but not by much. While in previous years the teens getting pregnant for the first time averaged 14 years, the authorities are now seeing the majority getting pregnant at 16 years.

Hundreds of girls from across the island are expected to be inspired when they attend the Scotia Foundations Girls Empowered for Motherhood and Success (GEMS) Conference today at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston. The conference will focus on the empowerment of young women as a key solution to negate adolescent pregnancy, and is intended to encourage conversations on parenting as a choice, improve self-confidence, and raise personal standards.

A national policy for the reintegration of schoolgirls who get pregnant, after they have their babies, is being ignored by some school administrators who refuse to accept these young mothers into their institutions.

Adolescent mothers from the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation (WCJF) are to benefit from a large donation of baby and school supplies from the Joyously Unveiling the Master’s Plan (J.U.M.P.) Ministries Global Church through its Project Life initiative.

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